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22-08-01 20:21:13: [Public] Alora: Welcome!

22-08-01 20:21:48: [Public] Aion: Test.

22-08-01 20:22:08: [Public] Cruci: O/.

22-08-01 20:22:13: [Public] Cruci: Hello.

22-08-01 20:22:19: [Public] Cruci: Oh.

22-08-01 20:22:27: [Public] Cruci: I keep getting "path fail" after every message.

22-08-01 20:22:32: [Public] Aion: Welcome! ignore the "path fail" that's just debugging.

22-08-01 20:37:39: [Public] Alora: Hi tempre! you can use pub to talk to us all. can you let us know if you saw purple messages when you arrived?

22-08-01 20:37:55: [Public] Tempre: I'm seeing them right now.

22-08-01 20:38:01: [Public] Alora: Excellent.

22-08-01 20:38:03: [Public] Tempre: Also hi! and path fail.

22-08-01 20:38:09: [Public] Alora: Yeah, ignore the path fail haha.

22-08-01 20:38:18: [Public] Alora: That's part of an unfinished discord bot connection.

22-08-01 20:38:22: [Public] Cruci: Oh, another thing is that "enter knothole" didn't work for me.

22-08-01 20:38:35: [Public] Alora: Yeah, it shouldn't. one way exit there.

22-08-01 20:38:39: [Public] Cruci: Ah.

22-08-01 20:40:46: [Public] Cruci: All right, i'll be out for now, will check this out more thoroughly some other time.

22-08-01 20:40:56: [Public] Cruci: Ahh, it decapitalizes "i" d:.

22-08-01 20:41:08: [Public] Cruci: ...and emotes, of course.

22-08-01 20:41:24: [Public] Alora: Pub channel is awful for grammar. we haven't overwritten that yet.

22-08-01 20:42:08: [Public] Tempre: Hi... bye.

22-08-01 23:09:42: [Public] Alora: You're still here! did you manage to break anything yet?

22-08-01 23:10:10: [Public] Tempre: Nothing major yet!

22-08-01 23:10:27: [Public] Alora: Woo!

22-08-01 23:26:25: [Public] Alora: Welcome, zilocke! (you can use pub to talk on here. forgive the horrible grammar on this channel.).

22-08-01 23:26:45: [Public] Alora: (and also the path fail error).

22-08-02 09:06:22: [Public] Alora: Welcome!

22-08-02 09:06:37: [Public] Tarusama: Thank you!

22-08-02 09:07:05: [Public] Tarusama: This is exciting. i'm stoked for this game.

22-08-02 09:10:13: [Public] Alora: Aw, thank you! we are too - it's been pretty fun today having other people around, i have to say.

22-08-04 02:14:40: [Public] Alora: Hi!

22-08-05 04:12:36: [Public] Alora: Hi hi! how goes?

22-08-05 04:12:47: [Public] Zilocke: Hey.

22-08-05 16:42:42: [Public] Serelliwen: Hello.

22-08-05 16:46:53: [Public] Alora: Hey there!

22-08-06 10:09:39: [Public] Alora: Good morning!

22-08-06 10:09:47: [Public] Alora: If it is morning for you.

22-08-06 10:10:42: [Public] Serelliwen: Yes it is morning, good morning. its 3:10 am here.

22-08-06 10:11:17: [Public] Serelliwen: I've chosen sylvan as my profession. yay.

22-08-06 10:11:55: [Public] Alora: Oh wow - are you an early riser or a late nighter like us? it's just after 6am here, but we had a strangely timed nap last night.

22-08-06 10:13:50: [Public] Alora: Awesome that you managed to figure out choosing your profession! sorry there's not a better tutorial intro right now to go through that stuff yet.

22-08-06 10:14:17: [Public] Serelliwen: I'm a night person, but i passed out around 11 ish and now i'm awake, normally i go to bed around this time if not four or five in the morning. it depends since its hard for my brain to know its dark. i can see dark and light, and have a good imagination about colours, since i can see colours and shapes but that's about it. point is mentally i know its dark out and time to sleep, but i think my blindness prevents me from well, connecting night with sleep.

22-08-06 10:17:29: [Public] Alora: Ha, that is basically the exact same thing we did and schedule we keep. that makes sense though that vision would be connected with affecting a natural day/night cycle.

22-08-06 10:24:58: [Public] Alora: =.

22-08-06 10:25:02: [Public] Alora: Whoops.

22-08-06 10:26:07: [Public] Serelliwen: Believe me, i'm in a way glad i have this schedule sometimes since i have a housefull of roudy nephews. gives me a chance to decompress and write, meditate or do fun things like this.

22-08-06 10:30:46: [Public] Alora: Yeah, it sounded like you had quite a bit going on earlier. i love the peacefulness of night. no distractions makes it so much easier to focus and be productive.

22-08-07 06:39:15: [Public] Alora: Everything going alright today serelliwen? it's nice to see another person hanging around with us!

22-08-07 22:02:33: [Public] Zilocke: Heya!

22-08-07 23:45:23: [Public] Zilocke: Heya.

22-08-07 23:46:47: [Public] Aion: Hey!

22-08-07 23:49:01: [Public] Zilocke: You vanished.

22-08-08 00:13:31: [Public] Zilocke: Where i am now.

22-08-08 01:16:30: [Public] Alora: Hi tempre!

22-08-08 01:16:37: [Public] Tempre: Hiya!

22-08-08 01:16:57: [Public] Alora: How you doing tonight?

22-08-08 01:17:23: [Public] Tempre: Doing weeeeeell. just figured i'd pop in and do some describing now that i've got some downtime.

22-08-08 01:18:03: [Public] Alora: Yay! i'm selfishly glad you have downtime, hehe.

22-08-08 08:01:53: [Public] Serelliwen: Eek.

22-08-08 08:07:21: [Public] Serelliwen: I'm stuck over mount kaelum.

22-08-08 08:25:38: [Public] Alora: Oops! let me see if i can help.

22-08-08 21:16:04: [Public] Alora: Party!!

22-08-08 21:16:16: [Public] Tempre: Dayum look at that who list.

22-08-08 21:16:56: [Public] Moxie: Aha! didn't realize the channel existed.

22-08-08 21:19:49: [Public] Moxie: I'm doing invikta rooms right now.. sort of. i've been slow going with it lately.

22-08-08 21:21:45: [Public] Faerie: Ooh, this is a thing?

22-08-08 21:23:19: [Public] Faerie: Ha, speak for yourself! still relatively new, 6 years. :p.

22-08-08 21:24:02: [Public] Moxie: Here i always assumed everyone in a mud started playing them way back.

22-08-08 21:24:35: [Public] Faerie: Oh plenty have, i'm just late to the party and weird. i'm also usually the youngest person around at 25.

22-08-08 21:24:43: [Public] Faerie: Say.

22-08-14 09:32:01: [Public] Alora: Hey there!

22-08-14 09:32:07: [Public] Serelliwen: Hey there.

22-08-14 09:32:26: [Public] Serelliwen: I'm still at camp but can't sleep so i thought i'd do some work.

22-08-14 09:32:57: [Public] Alora: Ah! sounds good to me, hehe. how is camp going?

22-08-14 09:34:25: [Public] Serelliwen: Oh camp is so much fun, i went kayaking yesterday.

22-08-14 09:35:05: [Public] Alora: Oh, that sounds awesome. i haven't gone kayaking in years.

22-08-14 09:35:06: [Public] Serelliwen: I went with a guide who did the paddling and kept an eye out and we just wandered down the lake. it was so peaceful.

22-08-14 09:35:47: [Public] Alora: That sounds like a nice, relaxing way to spend a day.

22-08-14 09:36:03: [Public] Serelliwen: We'll be going to another lake on monday, today we'll be shopping and buying lunch at some food trucks, oregon, especially the portland surrounding areas is kinda famous for its food trucks.

22-08-14 09:39:27: [Public] Serelliwen: It was very relaxing.

22-08-14 09:39:28: [Public] Alora: Yum. that does sound like a fun camp. i went to portland a couple years ago but was only there for a weekend and didn't get to experience the food trucks.

22-08-14 09:40:25: [Public] Serelliwen: I live about an hhour away from portland, an hour and half from camp so i can't just go to one, so this will be nice for me too.

22-08-14 09:43:37: [Public] Alora: Ah, that makes sense. i hope you enjoy it!

22-08-15 07:38:12: [Public] Alora: Welcome welcome!

22-08-15 07:38:32: [Public] Aion: Test.

22-08-15 07:38:49: [Public] shenedda: Test one.

22-08-15 07:38:54: [Public] Alora: Test two.

22-08-15 07:39:17: [Public] shenedda: Hey it workin.

22-08-15 07:39:38: [Public] Alora: Hehe, yeah. we weren't sure if you could hear us from the character creation screen or not, but seems you can!

22-08-15 07:40:00: [Public] shenedda: Lol, that's handy.

22-08-15 07:40:25: [Public] shenedda: I like the layout! looking good so far.

22-08-15 07:40:35: [Public] Alora: Thank you!

22-08-15 07:42:24: [Public] Shenedda: Oh, i should ask... what the next steps now?

22-08-15 07:43:44: [Public] Alora: Oh, you made it in!

22-08-15 08:05:10: [Public] Alora: Can't remember if i said this already but we've got a few visually impaired builders on the team, so some places have some formatting cleanup to be done, but we're just trying to get at least all the basic descriptions in for now and we'll have an editor on the team go in and proof read before launch.

22-08-15 08:07:06: [Public] Shenedda: Oh, i completely understand! that's definitely something to be expected.

22-08-15 08:07:48: [Public] Alora: Yep yep.

22-08-15 08:08:01: [Public] Shenedda: Side note, how o.

22-08-15 08:08:14: [Public] Shenedda: Would i turn fly off lol.

22-08-15 08:09:27: [Public] Alora: You can just go down from the skies in most places. on the ground you can land to disable the defense.

22-08-15 08:10:07: [Public] Alora: But having it enabled all the time doesn't affect much, it's kind of like hovering or levitating in place when you're on the ground.

22-08-15 08:14:16: [Public] Alora: Also, skies are two levels high, so you'll need to come down one more location to be on the ground.

22-08-15 08:21:14: [Public] Shenedda: Where would i find a zone with a nice lake to describe? i'm a bit lost in that regard.

22-08-15 08:21:25: [Public] Shenedda: Have smooth brain.

22-08-15 08:25:52: [Public] Shenedda: Neat, it'll be a chance to get used to the commands and such.

22-08-15 08:29:43: [Public] Shenedda: How do i unfollow... i don't even know how i followed him.

22-08-15 08:29:51: [Public] Shenedda: Pls help.

22-08-15 08:30:46: [Public] Alora: If you move to another location, you'll stop following him automatically.

22-08-15 08:30:53: [Public] Alora: He probably forced you to follow him.

22-08-15 08:31:16: [Public] Shenedda: Oh, that would make sense!

22-08-15 08:31:56: [Public] Shenedda: Sorry u had to see me being dumb, haven't had that happen before.

22-08-15 08:32:19: [Public] Alora: Hehe, no worries at all.

22-08-15 08:32:37: [Public] Alora: I'm sure it's a bit to adjust to when we just throw ya in without a tutorial.

22-08-15 08:45:29: [Public] Shenedda: Have you worked on any mobs yet? i wonder if you've developed any dream creatures.

22-08-15 08:46:49: [Public] Alora: We have functionality pretty much prepared for them but don't actually have any of them wandering the world yet. if you've got ideas or want to describe mob type stuff, please do feel free.

22-08-15 08:49:10: [Public] Shenedda: I dunno, but i think a race of little puffy things made of stardust and clouds might be cool! maybe call them astrites, or something neat?

22-08-15 08:50:01: [Public] Alora: Oh man, i love it! i love stars so you're really speaking right up my alley there haha.

22-08-15 08:52:54: [Public] Alora: We have a dream summoning skill that will feature a lot of dream creatures in it, but we just deprioritized all our summoning skills for release because they require a bit more work than most other skills.

22-08-15 08:52:57: [Public] Shenedda: Lol glad you like the concept. it might also be neat to have something like dream crystals as a sort of currency - maybe used to trade???

22-08-15 08:53:42: [Public] Alora: I kinda dig that, too. we've been generically calling our money "coins" because we didn't want to commit to it being "gold" but couldn't come up with anything better haha.

22-08-15 08:55:17: [Public] Shenedda: I see, well i know from experience finer details like currency can be tricky. world building in general actually.

22-08-15 08:55:46: [Public] Shenedda: Man aion is trucking along... it's a real spectacular!

22-08-15 08:56:23: [Public] Alora: Yeah - we won't have anything too in depth with currency, don't want to over complicate it with different types of coins, but i think reskinning them as "dream crystals" instead of a generic coin fits the world a heck of a lot better.

22-08-15 08:56:59: [Public] Aion: I probably built around 2500 locations at this point... hehe.

22-08-15 08:57:23: [Public] Shenedda: Well that suits me just fine. sounds nice!

22-08-15 08:57:55: [Public] Alora: He has buttons to create like 9 locations at a time, haha.

22-08-15 08:58:15: [Public] Shenedda: Man, almost jealous of u aion.

22-08-15 08:58:32: [Public] Shenedda: He working smart.

22-08-15 08:59:43: [Public] Alora: Haha, yep. he loves his map building.

22-08-15 08:59:47: [Public] Aion: Lakes/rivers/roads are pretty hard to write unique descriptions. i would say that unless you are really inspired, maybe write 6-10 descriptions and re-use them where it makes sense. it's easy to burn yourself out trying to force unique descriptions in every single location when they all look the same.

22-08-15 09:00:12: [Public] Aion: The edges will be easier, but the inner locations, not so much.

22-08-15 09:01:35: [Public] Aion: I will explain the lake to you in a bit more detail after i build the rest of the exits.

22-08-15 09:02:00: [Public] Shenedda: Sounds good to me lol.

22-08-15 09:03:35: [Public] Alora: I can give a few brief details - origins of the name means, "the rainy". if i recall correctly, it's supposed to be slightly dreary with some mild fog/mist rising off the water.

22-08-15 09:05:11: [Public] Alora: It's next to one of the biggest cities in the game right now, praestantia, which is home to the mages guild. and there's also another village called susurrar nearby which is a place of considerably evil origins.

22-08-15 09:05:31: [Public] Shenedda: So the description should feel a bit calm but bleak, sounds doable.

22-08-15 09:05:38: [Public] Alora: Yep.

22-08-15 09:06:17: [Public] Alora: And ya know, you can have a little area of it that's comparably vibrant or lively compared to the rest. feel free to break out of the mold and do things unexpected.

22-08-15 09:07:36: [Public] Alora: And depictions of stuff swirling in the mists, a touch of magic here and there, etc. we're pretty much open to whatever your imagination can come up with.

22-08-15 09:08:22: [Public] Alora: Suppose that's sorta the beauty of a world made from dreams. pretty much anything goes!

22-08-15 09:10:11: [Public] Shenedda: Maybe the lake has a large calm section closer to the center? there could be peaceful mobs like ducks there.

22-08-15 09:14:55: [Public] Shenedda: Sorry i was mesmerized by the work.

22-08-15 09:15:08: [Public] Aion: History.

22-08-15 09:15:19: [Public] Aion: Ignore that.

22-08-15 09:15:39: [Public] Shenedda: Ignoring.

22-08-15 09:16:00: [Public] Alora: Calm section in the center of the lake with ducks sounds great!

22-08-15 09:16:16: [Public] Aion: Heh. yeah, i've done a lot of building, i can do it relatively quick. the describing takes a bit more time...

22-08-15 09:17:26: [Public] Shenedda: I say so, but i do find it fun to envision scenes like that.

22-08-15 09:19:55: [Public] Alora: I would love to help more with describing but i'm a bit of a perfectionist and it takes me ages to write a single location so i just stick to the behind the scenes code for now.

22-08-15 09:20:06: [Public] Aion: The last two locations i just added are the inlet and outlet to the lake, the river vimur. you can ignore those if you like, i just figured it would help with visualization. the river flows north, so the inlet is the southern location.

22-08-15 09:23:35: [Public] Alora: Welcome back.

22-08-15 09:23:56: [Public] shenedda: My internet ded for a second.

22-08-15 09:24:15: [Public] Alora: Love when that happens haha.

22-08-15 09:24:21: [Public] Aion: The last two locations i just added are the inlet and outlet to the lake, the river vimur. you can ignore those if you like, i just figured it would help with visualization. the river flows north, so the inlet is the southern location.

22-08-15 09:24:29: [Public] Aion: If you missed that^.

22-08-15 09:25:19: [Public] shenedda: That makes sense.

22-08-15 09:31:23: [Public] Shenedda: Testing the describe command.

22-08-15 09:33:47: [Public] shenedda: Darn, not again.

22-08-15 09:34:20: [Public] Alora: Hehe, that's alright. i think you've got all the info you need from us.

22-08-15 09:59:59: [Public] Alora: Goin' okay so far?

22-08-15 10:00:54: [Public] Shenedda: So far, did two rooms, and i'm working on the third. starting to get used to it.

22-08-15 10:01:57: [Public] Aion: Nice!

22-08-15 10:02:54: [Public] Alora: Woo! that's awesome!

22-08-15 10:47:52: [Public] Shenedda: I think i might got to bed for a minute, i'll definitely be back on today tho. need to rest my thinker so i can crank through this beautiful area!

22-08-15 17:11:57: [Public] shenedda: hello all! Imma get to work lol

22-08-16 06:16:25: [Public] Shenedda: figured I would do a couple more rooms before calling it a day

22-08-16 06:32:22: [Public] Alora: whoops, heya! Haven't been paying attention

22-08-16 06:33:37: [Public] Shenedda: lol that's fine, I just got on a moment ago

22-08-16 06:34:55: [Public] Shenedda: rn I'm attempting to think of a neat audio quest that could work... also describing a room or two

22-08-16 06:37:25: [Public] Alora: Nice, very curious to see what you come up with! I'm excited about the potential with the sensory type quests

22-08-16 06:38:29: [Public] Alora: Your temple descriptions are looking good. I really like the Heart of the Temple

22-08-16 06:39:00: [Public] Shenedda: lol thanks, I'm a visual thi kernel so it really helps

22-08-16 06:39:57: [Public] Shenedda: ... visual thinker. Not sure what garbled stuff I sent earlier lol

22-08-16 06:40:33: [Public] Alora: hahah, I was literally about to google "thi kernel" like what on earth is that?

22-08-16 06:41:11: [Public] Shenedda: hah, I could feel the confusion as soon as I sent it

22-08-16 06:41:25: [Public] Alora: Made for a good giggle though :D

22-08-16 06:42:34: [Public] Alora: The visuals definitely come across in that room though. I am all about colors so I love the sapphire blue and ivory combos and the gold and silver kois.

22-08-16 06:44:02: [Public] Shenedda: I plan on giving all the areas I describe a walk through and add more details, but atm I need to actually describe lol

22-08-16 06:44:20: [Public] Shenedda: I figured some colors would be nice

22-08-16 06:46:52: [Public] Alora: Yeah, that makes sense and is exactly what I do. Start with the basics then go back and modify/edit/improve

22-08-16 06:57:07: [Public] Shenedda: ok, imma head to bed in a second. I'm gonna get up earlier to do more rooms and rewrite some others

22-08-16 06:57:22: [Public] Shenedda: gonna be fun

22-08-16 06:58:33: [Public] Alora: Sounds good, I'm exhausted so prob not too far from bed either. Sleep well!

22-08-16 06:59:24: [Public] Shenedda: lol good night both of u, have an awesome... morning?

22-08-16 07:03:11: [Public] Alora: haha, thanks. you too!

22-08-16 15:18:55: [Public] Shenedda: good day all

22-08-17 19:58:15: [Public] Shenedda: I just got back to do some stuff, but now I gotta work on a Mercedes... guess ill brb

22-08-17 20:38:02: [Public] Shenedda: I have returned

22-08-17 21:56:52: [Public] Shenedda: one sec

22-08-17 21:57:15: [Public] Shenedda: forgot to reply

22-08-17 21:58:50: [Public] Shenedda: it's room ID: #9301

22-08-17 21:59:38: [Public] Shenedda: hey there, good seeing you

22-08-17 23:04:33: [Public] Serelliwen: greetings

22-08-17 23:18:54: [Public] Alora: Hey all!

22-08-17 23:22:55: [Public] Alora: Sorry guys. Trying to get a quick fix in. Ignore me!

22-08-17 23:23:09: [Public] Serelliwen: hello alora

22-08-20 13:09:39: [Public] Serelliwen: hello

22-08-20 13:27:07: [Public] Alora: Hey there

22-08-20 13:32:47: [Public] Alora: We're just headed off but I left you a message in Discord. Sorry I missed you!

22-08-21 17:56:24: [Public] Alora: Heya!

22-08-21 17:57:50: [Public] Silvering: Hey!!

22-08-24 01:59:18: [Public] Alora: no one likes us love

22-08-25 20:33:47: [Public] Serelliwen: hello all. I just finished the road to laminae, toward the great bridge of Vimur.

22-09-08 04:41:13: [Public] Alora: Aion, you should probably connect at least the central sky locations to a ground location

22-09-14 10:23:04: [Public] Mysterin: hi

22-10-12 11:01:46: [Public] Alora: Btw, there's also this channel to talk to everyone across a distance (PUB is the command)

22-10-12 11:11:53: [Public] Anton: bloop

22-10-12 11:12:50: [Public] Aion: test

22-10-12 11:13:06: [Public] Anton: excellent

22-10-12 11:13:44: [Public] Anton: all right friends, i'm gonna run for now, i'll be back after sleep and such! thanks for the help!

22-10-12 11:14:03: [Public] Anton: wave

22-11-27 04:15:04: [Public] Alora: test

23-01-25 08:07:11: [Public] Aion: hey!

23-01-25 08:07:17: [Public] Lorecrafting: Hello world!

23-01-26 03:58:18: [Public] Alora: Hey there

23-01-26 03:58:50: [Public] Alora: You look idle, but we'll be around in just a bit if you're still here or pop back in later!

23-01-27 03:08:57: [Public] Alora: Hey hey, how's it going?

23-01-27 03:09:14: [Public] Alora: You can use PUB to talk on this channel

23-02-08 00:38:13: [Public] Serelliwen: hello

23-02-08 01:10:09: [Public] Serelliwen: I crated a naturally occuring grove in the Vrekkinwood.

23-04-24 00:28:07: [Public] Serelliwen: Granite path is finished

23-04-24 00:28:49: [Public] Alora: Awesome! Thank you!

23-05-03 18:40:52: [Public] Alora: Heya! I've been wandering through the Vrekkenwood and love all the birds and squirrels popping out as I walk through. Thank you so much for all your contributions - seriously cannot express how appreciated it is.

23-05-03 20:11:36: [Public] Serelliwen: I've finished the forest and Quarry. I'm about to do the fields tomorrow.

23-05-06 01:14:00: [Public] Anees: Are there specific things I should leave alone when building or just describe rooms which lack descs?

23-05-06 01:14:36: [Public] Alora: I think best to just describe rooms lacking descriptions for now

23-05-06 01:15:04: [Public] Anees: alright

23-05-06 01:16:04: [Public] Alora: If you see a typo you can mark it with the TYPO command, and if you see anything you think needs changed or fixed, you can use the SUGGEST command.

23-05-06 01:16:20: [Public] Anees: Umm I kinda just managed to get stuck in a zone with no sky set

23-05-06 01:16:50: [Public] Alora: I think Aion is trying to fix that area right now

23-05-06 01:17:03: [Public] Anees: is there any way to port back somewhere if I get stuck and no one is on?

23-05-06 01:17:27: [Public] Alora: can you do BTEL #2

23-05-06 01:19:08: [Public] Alora: The BTEL command should pretty much be able to warp you anywhere from anywhere, just gotta use the room ID numbers

23-05-06 01:19:53: [Public] Anees: question. How do I build in specific rooms without knowing the specific lore of the zone in question? I don't want to accidentally build something which goes against the lore of the area

23-05-06 01:21:42: [Public] Alora: I can give you a quick background. We have a file with a little bit of info about all the zones outside of the game but really need to get it setup in the game too

23-05-06 01:26:19: [Public] Alora: Hah, it tries but thankfully stops you so it doesn't get stuck in a loop

23-05-06 01:26:34: [Public] Anees: that would be amusing glad there are failsafe for it

23-05-06 01:26:46: [Public] Anees: /history

23-05-06 01:26:57: [Public] Anees: history

23-05-06 01:27:08: [Public] Anees: oh I'm dumb I was doing it wrong

23-05-06 01:28:37: [Public] Alora: Haha, that's alright. I'm glad there's a failsafe too BUT it makes me happy that you thought of something like that because we definitely need other people to help catch all the bugs that are surely here haha

23-05-06 01:30:02: [Public] Alora: Do you want me to spout details about the villages and lore here or would you rather me do it on Discord?

23-05-06 01:38:21: [Public] Anees: I described two undescribed rooms in preestantia. Not sure if I'm allowed to build in there hope they're alright

23-05-06 01:39:07: [Public] Aion: That's fine. I'll have a look at them soon

23-05-06 01:39:24: [Public] Aion: which locations?

23-05-06 01:42:31: [Public] Alora: Definitely fine. Praestantia is where the Mages guild was founded, so it's a very magic-based city. Our lore has it so that they are described as not inherently evil, but often perceived as evil. Mainly use black obsidian, opals, and the buildings have tall spires to give it the sort magic feeling. Main roads are built of bricks in a checkered pattern that alternate between dark gray and crimson red in color. Haven't looked at what you wrote yet, but in case that helps with future locations there.

23-05-06 01:43:29: [Public] Anees: How commonplace is magic? Would it be possible, or even expected, for magic to be used in the streets, for citizens to know a bit of magic even if they don't join prominant guildhalls, magic-based lighting and arcanological construction methods?

23-05-06 01:43:39: [Public] Anees: not sure how I should depict them

23-05-06 01:45:32: [Public] Alora: Yes, magic is definitely commonplace and most citizens will know some amount of it. We do have magic based lightning and totally find to imply arcane construction

23-05-06 01:45:45: [Public] Alora: totally fine, rather!

23-05-06 01:53:13: [Public] Alora: I'm going to do an update to pull in some recent code changes. It will give a message and pause for a second and you will see another message a few seconds later when it's complete. It shouldn't mess up anything you're doing, but we'll know real quick if it breaks anything.

23-05-06 01:57:18: [Public] Anees: It all seems alright

23-05-06 02:17:08: [Public] Alora: These descriptions look fantastic!!

23-05-06 02:17:12: [Public] Anees: thank you

23-05-18 17:46:02: [Public] Alora: test

23-06-06 03:20:42: [Public] Alora: Okay, we're back now

23-06-06 03:21:00: [Public] Tempre: can I public here while meditating and dreaming?

23-06-06 03:21:12: [Public] Tempre: I can! I feel like I'm in inception right now

23-06-06 03:21:37: [Public] Alora: Hahah

23-06-06 03:22:01: [Public] Alora: I dunno if we should change that or not

23-06-06 03:22:13: [Public] Alora: Honestly we've done nothing with the channels to this point

23-06-06 03:22:30: [Public] Tempre: planning on keeping them all active?

23-06-06 03:23:23: [Public] Alora: Yeah, I think we'll ultimately set something similar to what Av had up with guild/city channels and a newbie channel

23-06-06 03:24:31: [Public] Tempre: makes sense

23-06-06 03:25:23: [Public] Alora: Been learning lots of commands? And finding more emotes to make?

23-06-06 03:26:02: [Public] Tempre: hehe I have

23-06-06 03:26:25: [Public] Alora: Grin, good!

23-06-06 19:06:43: [Public] Aion: there's a syntax conflict with CONJURE

23-06-06 19:06:54: [Public] Tempre: oh dear

23-06-22 19:56:43: [Public] Alora: If you get stuck, use PUB and let us know. You'll be moving around a bit so I won't follow you the whole time

23-06-22 20:27:21: [Public] Alora: No problem - anything that calls out and helps us fix a bug is a good thing!

23-06-22 20:39:02: [Public] Serelliwen: I seem to not be able o forage with my novicehood skillset, it says i need one more lesson in survival to do it

23-06-22 20:39:37: [Public] Alora: see if you can do it now? That's an odd one

23-06-22 20:39:59: [Public] Serelliwen: thanks

23-06-22 20:47:50: [Public] Serelliwen: I have two sticks and a stone but when I try to craft the knife it says I need wood?

23-06-22 21:17:39: [Public] Serelliwen: my attack skill is not high enough to wield the shortsword. Sorry for the hiccups

23-06-22 21:17:57: [Public] Serelliwen: my attack skill is not high enough to wield the shortsword. Sorry for the hiccups

23-06-22 21:18:48: [Public] Alora: looking into it - one sec

23-06-22 21:21:46: [Public] Alora: See if it works now?

23-06-22 21:31:48: [Public] Serelliwen: when i ask peria about pacifism she looks at me blankly is that normal

23-06-22 21:31:56: [Public] Serelliwen: peritia

23-06-22 21:34:55: [Public] Serelliwen: I finished the tutorial. That was fun

23-06-22 21:35:40: [Public] Alora: Woo!!

23-06-22 21:36:12: [Public] Alora: Thank you and sorry for the hiccups! But also, many thank yous for helping find and solve some bugs in there.

23-06-22 21:45:56: [Public] Alora: Did you see my message that said you can request nemophilism from me if you want to?

23-06-22 21:46:19: [Public] Serelliwen: yes one moment

23-06-22 21:46:40: [Public] Alora: ah, okay. You don't have to, just making sure you knew you could if you want

23-06-22 21:46:53: [Public] Serelliwen: it says you would need to specifify a skill and who you would need to learn from

23-06-22 21:47:50: [Public] Serelliwen: doesn't work

23-06-24 21:00:50: [Public] Serelliwen: legs are broken strange

23-06-24 22:12:15: [Public] Serelliwen: my legs are broken and I still flutter my wings to float. Also I seem to be stuck in the dream world because I get messages of myself falling or mist coming around me.

23-06-25 18:37:56: [Public] Serelliwen: I seem to not be awake but when I try to wake up, I stilll seem to be in the dream world.

23-06-26 02:00:56: [Public] Alora: Tempre is here!!!

23-06-27 03:12:25: [Public] tempre: Should there be an ooc who?

23-06-27 03:12:36: [Public] Alora: no, is there?

23-06-27 03:13:11: [Public] tempre: not that I can see. I was just wondering. hehe

23-06-27 03:13:20: [Public] tempre: night!

23-07-10 19:41:59: [Public] Serelliwen: all my descriptions are gone forr the vrekkenwood

23-07-10 19:47:05: [Public] Serelliwen: dumb me brief was on.

23-07-25 20:07:03: [Public] Serelliwen: where do I find flint?

23-07-25 22:48:06: [Public] Alora: Sorry! I'm working so not paying much attention here right now. Did I leave you enough flint or do you need more?

23-07-25 22:48:23: [Public] Serelliwen: where did you leave it?

23-07-25 22:49:08: [Public] Alora: Oh, it's in the quarry north/northeast-ish of Atticus and Helaine

23-07-25 22:49:24: [Public] Serelliwen: yes thank you

23-07-25 22:52:04: [Public] Serelliwen: yes there's enough here, thank you

23-07-25 22:52:18: [Public] Alora: Okay, perfect. No problem

23-07-25 22:52:45: [Public] Serelliwen: one last question, where can I get hemp?

23-07-25 22:54:13: [Public] Alora: Oh, that's a crop that has to be grown and harvested, which I haven't tested in a while. I can leave you some of that too, one second

23-07-25 22:54:43: [Public] Alora: Okay, there's 10 hemp at ATticus

23-07-25 22:54:51: [Public] Serelliwen: thanks

23-07-28 01:10:09: [Public] Korval: hello fellow dreamers

23-07-28 01:13:32: [Public] Lely: the foraging game is tough

23-07-28 01:13:44: [Public] Korval: in can take a few attempts for sure

23-07-28 01:13:51: [Public] Korval: *it

23-07-28 01:58:55: [Public] Alora: Aion, afraid of that tornado?

23-07-28 01:59:44: [Public] Alora: I don't think I've made an NPC for Meliura that can invite

23-07-28 01:59:51: [Public] Alora: So I guess I should do that

23-07-28 01:59:58: [Public] Alora: Praestantia has one though I'm pretty sure

23-07-28 02:00:24: [Public] Alora: I'll be back in a little bit, you boys have fun

23-07-28 23:55:44: [Public] Alora: Welcome everyone! Excited to have you all here. If you have any immediate in game questions, you can use this channel - syntax is just PUB blah blah blah

23-07-29 00:35:58: [Public] Gaetania: test

23-07-29 00:36:32: [Public] Tiberius: Hello!

23-07-29 00:39:44: [Public] Alora: FYI - Shimmering air message is server restarting. Will likely cause your actions to pause for a couple seconds until you see restarted message. Doesn't affect anything much, just pulls in our latest updates.

23-07-29 01:04:22: [Public] Aion: you shouldn't get the enter/exit spam from the dummy anymore

23-07-29 01:06:01: [Public] Tiberius: Is there a quick way to see which skills you can request from an NPC?

23-07-29 01:48:44: [Public] Tiberius: Are any quests currently in game? Or enemy mobs?

23-07-29 02:14:16: [Public] Alora: There are very few quests at the moment - Aion can give you some guidance on those!

23-07-29 02:14:48: [Public] Alora: And Aion can spawn some mobs, also. I'm not sure if he already put some somewhere or not yet.

23-07-29 02:15:42: [Public] Aion: there are mobs in Vrekkenwood

23-07-29 03:07:57: [Public] Eddy: that's all my time for tonight, take care friends, thanks for the invite o/ good job so far!

23-07-29 03:08:23: [Public] Alora: Thanks for the kind words and for joining in!

23-07-29 03:08:25: [Public] Alora: Oops.

23-07-29 03:08:30: [Public] Alora: Too slow

23-07-29 03:16:11: [Public] Alora: Reloading server real quick

23-07-29 04:50:19: [Public] Tiberius: Strike didn't seem to disrupt equilibrium

23-07-29 04:52:23: [Public] Tiberius: Didn't work

23-07-31 04:48:04: [Public] Alora: Oops, hiya! Didn't notice you popped in

23-07-31 04:48:29: [Public] Tiberius: Heyo, yeah. I started back up on work today so my testing time will be much more limited, but I don't wanna be completely unhelpful!

23-07-31 04:49:37: [Public] Tiberius: Still no exp from hylokin :(

23-07-31 04:49:48: [Public] Tiberius: MUCH more damage on unarmed than last time though!

23-07-31 04:50:35: [Public] Alora: Aww, no worries. We got a lot of good feedback from the first day that we're still working through. I had a long weekend but back to the day job tomorrow for me, too, so it'll be less productive until next weekend anyway.

23-07-31 04:51:22: [Public] Alora: Oh, good on the damage, I think! I know Aion was working through some abilities trying to give better damage values to them all yesterday. I don't think he's had a chance to look into the XP issue yet though

23-08-02 04:25:06: [Public] Hayt: Hi!

23-08-02 04:45:08: [Public] Alora: hiya!

23-08-02 06:50:57: [Public] Tiberius: yo

23-08-02 07:09:26: [Public] Alora: heya

23-08-02 07:09:40: [Public] Alora: We've been busy paying attention to your file and not paying attention here haha

23-08-02 07:10:33: [Public] Alora: I'm leaving it in Aion's hands now, but think it's looking reaaaallly polished. Gonna be lots of good improvements to come for Beast as a result

23-08-02 07:13:11: [Public] Tiberius: No worries, figured I'd drop in to say hi, but its 2am for me and I got work, so not staying too long lol. GL and GN!

23-08-08 08:29:20: [Public] Alora: hey, you're finally here at the same time as Reu!

23-08-08 08:29:29: [Public] Aion: Sup

23-08-08 08:30:00: [Public] Aion: PUB <message>

23-08-08 08:30:15: [Public] Dread: yeah lol about time lol

23-08-08 08:30:34: [Public] Dread: whats happening?

23-08-08 08:30:35: [Public] Alora: haha, yeah. how goes it?

23-08-08 08:31:07: [Public] Dread: not too shabby thanks HBU?

23-08-08 08:31:10: [Public] Aion: I've been doing some map stuff and naming

23-08-08 08:32:25: [Public] Alora: not bad here. writing descriptions which gets kinda old

23-08-08 08:33:36: [Public] Dread: oh nice. yeah i bet lol. so how do i find out what quest im doing?

23-08-08 08:34:54: [Public] Aion: WE don't really have many quests lol but you can use QL or QUESTLOG

23-08-08 08:35:35: [Public] Aion: If you can find Sulastella, there is an NPC there that will give you a quest

23-08-08 08:36:29: [Public] Dread: sweet il go looking

23-08-08 08:37:23: [Public] Alora: I think I gotta fix a couple quest objects but I might be able to pull that off before you find Sulastella

23-08-08 08:43:55: [Public] Dread: clue where to find lol?

23-08-08 08:44:46: [Public] Aion: Take the eastern branch of Arborvella

23-08-08 08:45:18: [Public] Dread: near meliura lol?

23-08-08 08:45:26: [Public] Alora: Haha, you must've taken the portal

23-08-08 08:45:42: [Public] Dread: yip lol

23-08-08 08:45:47: [Public] Alora: Should be able to get back to Arborvella from the same portal, otherwise gonna be a looooong walk rofl

23-08-08 08:47:21: [Public] Alora: Go up until the platforms stop looking like all the other platforms (I think they might turn green on the map?), then take the east branch

23-08-08 08:50:24: [Public] Dread: ive got no other exits apart from the statues of power

23-08-08 08:51:55: [Public] Dread: just clicked lol

23-08-08 08:57:00: [Public] Dread: im lost now

23-08-08 08:58:33: [Public] Dread: what does the prompt do?

23-08-08 08:59:51: [Public] Alora: It shows certain info, like health and mana, and some other customizable stuff

23-08-08 09:00:38: [Public] Dread: dont think so?

23-08-08 09:00:49: [Public] Alora: In the web client it should show right over the box where you input text

23-08-08 09:01:22: [Public] Alora: might have to use PROMPT ON

23-08-08 09:01:36: [Public] Dread: yup does now

23-08-08 09:01:45: [Public] Alora: and you can use PROMPT BARS to see them like actual health and mana bars instead of numbers

23-08-08 09:02:51: [Public] Dread: oh right on. cool

23-08-08 09:03:54: [Public] Alora: yup yup

23-08-08 09:04:02: [Public] Dread: dont shake your head at me lol

23-08-08 09:05:34: [Public] Dread: yay

23-08-08 09:07:49: [Public] Dread: where do i find the npc?

23-08-08 09:08:01: [Public] Aion: In Sulastella

23-08-08 09:08:07: [Public] Alora: you're so helpful

23-08-08 09:08:36: [Public] Alora: She's not too far from where you are, somewhere down around that area. In a florist's shop

23-08-08 09:10:07: [Public] Alora: try the northwest road from the twilight plaza

23-08-08 09:12:06: [Public] Dread: there a full screen map?

23-08-08 09:12:46: [Public] Dread: ok lol

23-08-08 09:13:18: [Public] Alora: lemme know if the flowers decay, I forgot to make the reset time on them longer

23-08-08 09:13:37: [Public] Alora: and I also forgot how to make the reset time longer

23-08-08 09:14:29: [Public] Dread: ok sweet as

23-08-08 09:17:16: [Public] Dread: is the grave yard in sulastella?

23-08-08 09:18:00: [Public] Dread: oh algee. catch ya later

23-08-08 09:19:19: [Public] Alora: It's in a place called Valmaurian Wilds, northwest of the village Privia and south of the village Invikta

23-08-08 09:19:51: [Public] Alora: I just fixed the reset time on the flowers, you should be able to greet celia again and she'll give them back to you

23-08-08 09:20:05: [Public] Alora: If you feel like exploring without us anyway haha

23-08-08 09:20:44: [Public] Dread: algoods cheers

23-08-08 09:21:10: [Public] Alora: night! or day, or whatever time it is there!

23-08-08 09:21:42: [Public] Dread: 9 30pm no worries catch ya

23-08-11 21:15:33: [Public] Alora: hey there!

23-08-11 21:15:44: [Public] Serelliwen: hey there,

23-08-11 21:16:04: [Public] Serelliwen: I can do some work today on a place, what needs doing?

23-08-11 21:17:18: [Public] Alora: Sure - since you did Laminae (if you aren't tired of doing nature stuff), would you mind doing the road that leads west out of Laminae and goes to the Weeping Woods?

23-08-11 21:17:43: [Public] Alora: I'll try to find the room IDs for you

23-08-11 21:18:23: [Public] Serelliwen: I don't mind, I can do that. I love doing nature things. Also do we need herbs and trees created?

23-08-11 21:18:48: [Public] Aion: yeah, I will do that

23-08-11 21:18:56: [Public] Aion: herbs at least

23-08-11 21:19:09: [Public] Serelliwen: Ok then.

23-08-11 21:20:04: [Public] Alora: Starting at Before the Garden Village, Room ID #10979, just follow the path westish to Clearing before the Weeping Wood, Room ID #10790.

23-08-11 21:21:00: [Public] Serelliwen: i'm on my way there now

23-08-11 21:23:43: [Public] Alora: You're welcome to contribute more tree descriptions, too! We're mainly trying to get all the roads between the four villages around Arborvella described since those are likely the first places people will be exploring. After that, I'll be working on getting more content in for the trees, animals, clothes and crafted stuff.

23-08-11 21:30:21: [Public] Serelliwen: found it. thanks. when you type look does it just say look and not give the desc?

23-08-11 21:30:44: [Public] Alora: Oh no, you must have the look bug. We've had this pop up a couple of times with other people

23-08-11 21:31:09: [Public] Alora: See if that helped

23-08-11 21:31:23: [Public] Serelliwen: also do you want the road to have lots of trees and nature plants and? And thanks.

23-08-11 21:31:33: [Public] Serelliwen: helped it did indeed.

23-08-11 21:33:00: [Public] Alora: Okay, good. Yeah - that should probably be a dirt road surrounded with lush grasses. It should have some flowers on the side closer to Laminae, and then the Weeping Woods is a more mysterious foggy type forest full of Weeping Willow trees, so I think maybe a fog crawls in over the road the closer you get to the Weeping Woods.

23-08-11 21:33:28: [Public] Serelliwen: Ok got it.

23-08-11 21:33:45: [Public] Alora: Thank you!

23-08-11 21:53:56: [Public] Serelliwen: do worldbuilders have animal creating? If so I don't have it.

23-08-11 21:54:44: [Public] Alora: No, unfortunately I don't have a good way to set them up in a builder command yet. They'd have to be submitted in word documents like the trees for now

23-08-11 22:40:06: [Public] Serelliwen: there's part of the weeping wood that isn't described, is that right?

23-08-11 22:40:53: [Public] Alora: I think most of it hasn't been described, unless Aion did something I didn't see. You're welcome to take that one on, too, if you're up for it!

23-08-13 13:07:26: [Public] pusspuss: am I first?

23-08-17 20:15:35: [Public] Serelliwen: The road to Laminae is finished

23-08-30 05:46:34: [Public] Alora: Test.

24-03-21 07:28:03: [Public] Alora: Test.