Help: Help

Mystavaria has an ever-growing collection of help files to assist you in
learning about the world and the commands available to you. If you find
yourself totally lost or stuck, this is the best place to start looking
for answers. Our help files have been written to aide new players and old
alike, and are always available to reference.

To see a list of categories and topics type HELP on its own.
You can then click on or use HELP <topic> and HELP <sub-topic>
to see more specific information on each topic or sub-topic.

For new players going through the tutorial, some locations have context
sensitive help available, which can accessed using HELP HERE.

Additionally, there is often information available for each individual
command, which can be seen by typing HELP <command>.

Looking for information about a specific topic or not sure which help file
you need? HELP SEARCH <keyword> can be used to see a list of all help
files which contain the keyword.

HELP <topic>
HELP <command>
HELP SEARCH <keyword>

Basic Commands