Help: Date

Mystavaria runs on its own time and calendar.
There are 14 Mystavarian months, each with 24 days per month.
This equates to a total of 336 Mystavarian days in 1 Mystavarian year.

Years are numbered since "the great awakening", which refers to when
the world of Mystavaria was first created (the beginning of time).

The months of Mystavaria are named after the circle of fourteen mountains
which surrounds the village of Arborvella, and are as follows:
1st Artus
2nd Sulialis
3rt Vastu
4th Aevum
5th Kaelum
6th Varu
7th Lurius
8th Sulir
9th Serenum
10th Kalidum
11th Laetus
12th Virkus
13th Aedis
14th Addenda

To recall the current date according to the Mystavarian calendar,
simply type DATE. To learn more about the seasons, see HELP SEASONS,
or for a reference of Mystavarian time compared to real world time,