Help: Season

Mystavaria has four distinct seasons which are likely very familiar to you:
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Seasons affect temperature and weather,
in turn affecting growth cycles of flora around the world. Certain seasons
are known to be more appropriate for planting and harvesting crops.

The seasons of Mystavaria are in a constant cycle, rotating around the
circle of fourteen mountains outside of Arborvella. Every location in the
realm is part of a "seasonal region", represented by the correlating mountain.
While this is somewhat complex in writing, all it really means is that one
quadrant of the world will be experiencing winter, while the opposite
quarter is enjoying summer. You will notice a gradual shift in weather and
temperature as you wander around the world through the different seasons.

The seasonal regions (which share names with the fourteen mountains and
fouteen months) are as follows:
1st Artus Beginning of Winter
2nd Sulialis Mid-Winter
3rt Vastu End of Winter
4th Aevum Beginning of Spring
5th Kaelum Spring
6th Varu Spring
7th Lurius End of Spring
8th Sulir Beginning of Summer
9th Serenum Mid-Summer
10th Kalidum End of Summer
11th Laetus Beginning of Autumn
12th Virkus Autumn
13th Aedis Autumn
14th Addenda End of Autumn

To learn what season the location you stand in is currently experiencing,
you can type SEASON. This will also inform you of which seasonal region
the location belongs to.